Friday, February 25, 2011

Oscars Drinking Game!

Just in time for the big ceremonies on Sunday, here's your Oscars drinking game!
(Courtesy of Movie Boozer)
Before the big show, everyone gets an Oscar ballot. They need to pick both who they want to win and who they think will win for each category. It’s not recommended that they be the same, unless you really, really like to drink. This is because:

You drink a shot of champagne (the four dollar stuff will do just fine) whenever who you want to win is announced as the winner of an Oscar.

You drink a shot of wine whenever who you think will win takes home the prize.

Lastly, you drink a shot of something assy (malt liquor, tequila, whatever you think a fitting punishment is) when somebody who you didn’t pick wins.

The winner, if you feel like getting shitfaced isn’t enough, is the person who picked the most think will wins. Tiebreaker is want to wins.

There you have it, an excuse to drink where you thought there was none. You’re welcome.

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