Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar Thoughts

- Kirk Douglas is a pimp!
- They're really letting the speeches go long this year.
- Matthew McConaghey and Scarlet Johansson totally got stoned backstage!
- They let Marissa Tomei host the technical Oscars because the nerds know her naked roles from The Wrestler and Before The Devil Knows You're Dead so well.
- Yet somehow I resent Franco calling them nerds.
- Costume design girl was seated in the nosebleeds!
- Jake Gyllenhall and Amy Adams look stoned too!
- As much as I hate auto-tune, that medley of fake musicals was pretty damn funny.
- Oprah? Where's Uma? (I still stand behind Letterman's stint as host)
- Glad Inside Job won for Doc, but really wanted to see a Banksy acceptance speech!
- I totally want to sleep with Anne Hathaway.
- So how pissed is Nicholson that Hugh Jackman got Jack's old seat this year?
- Randy Newman just gave a very "Randy Newman" speech. Very nice!
- Not a ton of huge names on the death list this year. I suppose that's good, but it makes for a boring montage.
- Natalie Portman... Why isn't she mine?! She does talk a lot though.
- Sandra Bullock had way too much Botox. Her face never moved!
- Why is everyone so impressed with Sandra Bullock "as a human being"? Did I miss something? If that's just because her douchebag ex husband cheated on her, then why isn't Hillary Clinton seen as "America's Sweetheart"?
- Jesse Eisenberg on camera but Timberlake behind him was the one in focus.
- Ok, so I actually need to see the King's Speech. Of course I still need to see 127 Hours, Black Swan, Winter's Bone, The Fighter, The Kids Are Alright, and True Grit too.

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