Monday, February 8, 2010

Sarah Palin's Crib Notes

The "Future of the Republican Party" - the woman that some members of the right wing think will be the savior of their political ideals... and the savior of this country some day - isn't smart enough to remember her own talking points.

At the Tea Party Convention over the weekend, the former Vice-Presidential Candidate and former Governor of Alaska had to check the crib notes on her hand in order to answer basic questions.

Written on her hand:
  • Energy
  • Budget Tax Cuts
  • Lift American Spirits
Listen, I understand the need for politicians to use notes or teleprompters when speaking in public.  But that's for a carefully worded speech, or occasionally just to make sure they have their facts straight (like quoting the statistics from an important economic study).  But when you're not bright enough to remember three things... three really simple things (again: Energy, Tax Cuts, Lift American Spirits) and you have to resort to methods used by high school freshmen to cheat on their history exam... maybe you're not exactly the type of person who should be considered to run the most powerful nation in the world!

Just my opinion.  Or at least I think it's my opinion... the notes on my palm are a little smudged.

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