Thursday, February 4, 2010

Reason #235 to NOT get married: Tiger Woods

Wanna know what Tiger Woods' problem is?  It's not that he's a "sex addict" (the whole sex rehab thing is ridiculous anyway).  It's that he's married.

Wanna bang a different girl (or several different girls... or multiple girls at once) in every city on the PGA Tour?  Wanna send the dirtiest, filthiest, most lurid text messages imaginable?  Want to do it all and never have to worry about getting caught?

Then don't get married.  If you're not married, no one cares.  Tired of one blonde model?  Wanna nail a brunette one this time?  Or that cocktail waitress who says she has a sex swing in her bedroom?  If you're single, you can.  No wife at home means no one to take half your money when she finds out. And no reporter is going to think "Single Guy Gets Laid" will win him a Pulitzer.

Just ask somewhat douchey, but total poon-hound John Mayer.  He sums it up nicely here:

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