Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Crocs Going Extinct? I Hope So.

Crocs... those ugly damned rubber shoe-like things... are on the verge of going broke. Yes, they've sold over 100,000,000 pairs since 2002, but that doesn't make them good. Frankly I hope they aren't able to pay off their debts by the September deadline so I never have to see another pair again.

Seriously, look at them. They're rubber freaking clown shoes.

I understand that they may have their use. Wearing them around the garden. Maybe as shower shoes for the college dorm. Letting your little kids wear them to the community pool. Fine.

But I see people wearing these stupid things all over in public. The mall, nice restaurants, even church. The way I see it, Crocs are like Bunny Slippers... fine to wear around the house, but I never want to see them elsewhere.

Hopefully very soon, I won't have to.

For the full story on Crocs' financial woes, click here...

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