Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Twits on Twitter

I don't get Twitter. (Sorry Ross Maxwell)

If you haven't heard of, it's just another social networking internet tool. If you've ever used FaceBook or MySpace, you're familiar with the concept - it's a one-line status update for yourself. Just a quick sentence or two to let people know what you're doing right now. It's just a tiny part of what Facebook and MySpace have to offer, but on Twitter it's the full package. Nothing but a status update.

"Elwood is on-air on WAPL."
"Elwood is blogging about Twitter."
"Elwood is drinking a Dr. Pepper."

Does anyone care? If they do, I'm worried about what kind of stalker they are and where I can get a restraining order.

And the only times I might actually be doing something interesting enough to Twitter about, I'd be too busy to actually get out my computer or cell phone to post anything.

"Elwood is skydiving."
"Elwood is wrestling a gorilla."
"Elwood is saving the world from the evil forces of the Legion of Doom."

Frankly, if you're doing anything worth telling the world about... the world can wait until you're done with it to find out. Meanwhile, just enjoy whatever you're doing rather than worrying about telling everyone that you're doing it.

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