Thursday, March 5, 2009

Terror in the Treeline... an Amazing Zipline Experience

Went ziplining today as part of a group excursion... I'm terrified of heights, but made it through. The trip down each of the 11 zip lines was incredible. It was the climbing up through the trees and actually getting hooked up every time that was a little nerve wracking. Roxanne "Nerves Of" Steele was also along for the trip and loved it too, despite also having a fear of heights.

We capped off the zip lines with a short bike ride to a cenote, or natural fresh water pool, where we swam, dove, and did more zip lining into the water. There are pictures from the cenote in the Day 6 gallery for you to check out, and we've got a DVD of the whole group on zip lines, bikes, and swimming that I'll try to post a little of on the site once we're back in Wisconsin.

Afternoon broadcast went great today... Be sure to check out some photos in the Day 5 gallery of Roxanne acting inappropriate in Playa del Carmen last night. Plus some photos of a restaurant called Alux, that's built into an underground cave.

Eating at the Japanese restaurant at the resort tonight, then it sounds like there may be another trip to Playa del Carmen tonight... who knows what could happen this time?

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