Thursday, September 30, 2010

Worst Commercials in America

The Consumerist recently awarded their winners of the Worst Ads in America.  Just in case you haven't experienced the nails-on-chalkboard, nausea-inducing, want-to-punch-inanimate-objects-in-the-face joy of these commercials... here are a few of the winners.

The Worst Ad in America:
Anyone else remember the bald guy as the neighbor from "The Single Guy"? Anyone else even remember "The Single Guy"?

Most Grating Performance From a Human:

Celebrity Who Must Have Lost the Most Money During the Housing Crash:
Jimmy Johnson is not only pimping supposedly johnson-enlarging pills, but he's such a pseudo-celeb that he has to make it clear that he's not the race car driver Jimmy Johnson... but they put him in front of a racecar wearing a racing jumpsuit.

Creepiest Commercial:
One word: Catheters.

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