Friday, April 16, 2010

AC/DC Concert Recap

Had an incredible time last night at the AC/DC concert at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee.  I was blogging live from the show, and you could scroll through my page to find all the minuscule entries, but I figured I'd re-run them all for you here with a little added explanation (in italics) and some photos that I didn't take (and probably aren't even from the Milwaukee show) but help illustrate what was happening on stage.

On the way to AC/DC in Milwaukee. I'll be updating my blog via text message from the show. Let there be rock!

Just before leaving my house, did this as a test post to make sure things were sending properly from my phone to the web.  They were.

In my seat. Beer in hand. Ready to rock! 

Missed the opening act - no idea who played.  Those 400-level seats at the Bradley Center gave me some serious vertigo when I first sat down.  The beer helped.

Back in black 3 songs in. These are the dirty old men of rock!
Opened with Rock n' Roll Train.  Brian Johnson reminded me of the uncle at a wedding who's half-dancing around all night saying dirty things and pinching girls asses.  Basically what I want to be in 30 years.

Angus has the energy of a 14 year old
Seriously.  If you couldn't see the effects of age on his face and hair, you'd think he was still a teenager from all the running, jumping, and Chuck Berry duckwalking.  

Angus did the scream at the end of dirty deeds! Fucking awesome

Yes, it was.  Big closeup on the screen of Angus's face going "Yaaaaaaaahhhh!" as the crowd went nuts.


Thunderstruck of course.  They even had a plexiglass section of the stage so Angus could do his little duckwalk across the stage while the camera shot him from below just like the video.  Nice.

More beer the jack and an Angus striptease

Grabbed another beer and came back just in time to hear The Jack, complete with the full Angus Young striptease down to his AC/DC boxer briefs.  

Brian just rang hells bells

Note that I was using less punctuation, capitalization and proper grammar as the night went on.  Part laziness.  Part not wanting to miss any of the show while texting.  Part beer.

Anyway - Brian Johnson was doing this long goofy dance down the runway that jutted out into the crowd, pumping up the audience before turning back to the stage in a full sprint, leaping into the air and grabbing the rope that was hanging from the big AC/DC "Hells Bell" that had snuck down above the stage while I was paying attention to Brian's antics.  And the crowd goes wild.

Hundreds of blinking devil horns in the crowd. Looks like blinky demon eyes. Weird.

When I walked into the Bradley Center I saw this girl wearing blinky devil horns and I thought, "Hey, that's clever.  She must have saved those from Halloween."  Of course once I got to my seat I then saw hundreds of blinking devil horns all around the arena, and guys walking around selling the devil horns by displaying on a stick like the cotton candy guy at a ballpark. Which was all fine and good until the place is pitch black and all these little blinking horns end up looking like demon's eyes peering through the darkness.  Especially freaky during Hells Bells.
Brian Johnson's neck looks like it might explode at any moment.

I'm amazed that he can still sing like that after all these years.  You can see the veins straining out like crazy.

Preview of iron man 2 soundtrack- here comes war machine!   

Great song from the Black Ice album and also on the upcoming Iron Man 2 Soundtrack (win a copy from WAPL this weekend!)  

Their drummer uses Sonor drums. I play Sonor drums. I should be in AC/DC.

Seems like sound logic, right?

She told me to come but i was already there.

Yes, it was time for "You Shook Me All Night Long."

Oi! Oi! Massive flames and TNT. Then a whole lotta Rosie
Btw yes they do have the full size Rosie balloon!
I loved the stage production stuff for this show.  Giant runaway train crashed the back of the set to start the show.  The big Hells Bell getting rung.  Massive flames shooting out during T.N.T.  And of course the classic Whole Lotta Rosie enormous inflatable.  That stuff makes huge bands like AC/DC, the Stones, or Pink Floyd seem even larger when they're already larger than life.


I love this song.  So glad they played it at the show.

Angus shot his load - of Confetti  
Angus is guitar god and satanic minion.
Satan has spawned Angus Young as a guitar god. Hail satan.
Incredible solo out to a platform in the middle of the Bradley Center that raised up above the crowd.  The guy is simply amazing.


From the depths of hell to the highway to hell.  
Angus sprouted demon horns. Nice.

For the encore, Angus (wearing his own non-blinking devil horns) rose up from below the stage in a cloud of smoke and lights to lead us all on a trip down the Highway to Hell.  Saw an awesome electronic billboard on the way to the show along highway 41 near Milwaukee - area paving company sign that said "Highway to Hell Now Being Paved."  Great one to tie in on the night of the show. 

Time for a 21 gun salute

For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) complete with six massive cannons to close out the show.

Real cannons. Ears bleeding. Awesome show. Good night.

Seriously, those were real cannons blasting louder than anything else last night.  Felt like the walls were shaking and the roof might come caving in it was so loud.  Such an incredible show - definitely in my Top Ten Concerts list... I'll have to do some consideration to figure out exactly where it lands.  

Stuck in the parking garage. Gonna be awhile.

Parked on the sixth level of the parking garage.  There was no movement at all so I went and grabbed a delicious but very spicy steak quesadilla at Center Court across the street from the BC.  As always a long drive home so late at night but totally worth it for a concert of that caliber.  

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