Friday, March 4, 2011

Liquid Lunch Drink of the Week: Dominican Champagne

Rick, Len, Roxanne, and Borna are in the Dominican Republic this week for the WAPL International Incident.  Last time I was in Punta Cana, a tour guide for one of our excursions introduced us to "Dominican Champagne."

- 1 bottle of Dominican dark rum (Make sure it's dark rum! No Captain or white rum or any of those fruity Bacardi rums)
- 1 bottle of 7-Up (old school glass bottle if you can find one)

Sure you can mix it in a glass with ice and all that stuff, but I prefer the way our tour guide did it.  Dump a little bit out of the 7-Up bottle and refill the empty part of the bottle with rum.  He called that "American Style."

Now if you want to drink it "Dominican Style," just do the opposite: dump a little out of the rum bottle and refill the empty part with 7-Up.  That is some good stuff!

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