Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fat Bottomed Girls... make a ginormous underwear business go 'round

Shopping for clothes can be hard.  Finding the right style and fit can be a pain.  Especially if you're a strange size.  I've always been a fairly skinny guy, and for years had to search for or special order jeans with a 29" waist.  Or just buy 30" waist and cinch that belt extra tight. But I can't imagine the opposite end of the spectrum where you're so large you can't shop or even order from most of the stores at the mall. 

Enter The Big Bloomers Company.  Making underwear for large women.  I'm not talking "Victoria's Secret is a little tight on me" large.  I mean VERY large women.  As in 9XL and larger.  As in waist sizes over 100 inches - more than three times my current waist size.  You can check them out for yourself at

Spokesmodel or Bullfighter?
I get it.  Fat chicks need panties too.  But holy s*** people, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL?  8.75 foot waistline???  What the hell, have you never heard of exercise? Dieting?  Portion control?  I'm not saying you need to be supermodel thin.  I'm not saying you even have to join a gym or eat nothing but celery.  But take a walk every once in a while!  Instead of having two Big Macs, try just one for lunch today.  Maybe a glass of water instead of the 2-liter of soda you have with every breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack?

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