Thursday, November 11, 2010

STD test? Pee on your phone!

Ain't technology grand?  The advances in smartphone technology now allow each and every one of us to carry around a single small device that can effectively replace your telephone, computer, entire music, film, and book collections, world atlas, street maps, television, local library, video arcade, and generally most reasons to leave the house.

Well now you can add "Free Clinic" to that list.  Strange bump down below?  Burns when you pee? There's an app for that!

Or at least there will be...  They're working on self-testing technology in the UK:
People who suspect they have been infected will be able to put urine or saliva on to a computer chip about the size of a USB chip, plug it into their phone or computer and receive a diagnosis within minutes, telling them which, if any, sexually transmitted infection (STI) they have.
The good news is that you'll be able to make sure that skank is clean before stumbling home with her at bar time.  The bad news is that either way your iPhone now smells like urine.

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