Friday, October 9, 2009

Packers Fans... WTF?

Ok. Seriously. I know you love the Packers. And I know you're upset because...

A) Brett Favre is playing for the Vikings now.
B) Brett Favre and his Vikings kicked the crap out of the Packers last week.
C) Aaron Rodgers is getting sacked more often than he's completing passes.
D) You're probably going to finish third in the division behind the Bears and Vikings.

But you really need to CALM THE F*#K DOWN! It's just football. It's a game. You're going to have good seasons... and bad seasons... and a lot of mediocre seasons in between. There's no reason to STAB A VIKINGS FAN over it. No matter how much Vikings fans piss us all off sometimes.

Remember... You had plenty of bad seasons even when Favre was still playing for the Pack. And there was a LONG stretch in the 80's when the Packers plain out sucked. You'll get through it. Things will get better. At least you're not a Lions fan.

There's no reason to be a drunken idiot and stab someone. Let us Bears fans be the dicks of the NFC North. We've had plenty of practice, and usually no one gets stabbed over it.


  1. Glad that guy wasn't at the 61-7 game at Soldier Field in '79!

  2. Glad I wasn't at the 45-10 game in Cincinnati last week.
    The Bears will end up fighting the Lions for the basement in this division.