Friday, February 27, 2009

Tomorrow I will be on a beach... Tomorrow I will be on a beach... Tomorrow I will be on a beach

Having a rough time this week getting through everything that needs to be done before leaving for the WAPL International Incident. It's not just getting packed and prepping all of the station stuff for the broadcast, but it's putting together all the stuff that needs to run back home while I'm gone, and having everything done that's kicking off the week we get back. Plus, getting bills paid, running to the bank, making sure camera batteries are charged, memory cards are empty, iPod is properly stocked and charged, headphones are packed, DVR is set to record the proper programs while we're gone (and that there's enough memory to make sure everything gets recorded), returning phone calls, changing my outgoing voice mail at work, confirming prizes for WAPL's big spring promotion, yada yada yada...

It's enough to make someone need a vacation.

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