Monday, December 22, 2008

Face it Kent... you threw up ON Dean Wormer.

Toga! Toga!

Finally recovered from the Xmas Bash... WOW! Had a great time, and I hope everyone who came to the party did too.

Otis was awesome, and I think the Vic Ferrari guys did a great job as his backing band (the "White Knights") on such late notice since Otis's band got snowed in and couldn't make it to the party.

Be looking for more (and more and more and more) photos from the bash to keep showing up in our Photo galleries. Joe already uploaded some of the ones he took, and I'll get my pics up later today... then we've got the hundreds that our professional photog took at the party. Prepare to enjoy the backstage pics from the sexy pillow fight girls...

See you next year at our 11th Xmas Bash...

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